Sunday, September 8, 2013

State Education Board Does End Run Around Ritz on Strategic Planning Initiative

The Republican assault on Glenda Ritz, Indiana's elected state superintendent of public instruction,continues unabated. Last week the the governor-appointed State Board of Education, which Ritz chairs, voted unanimously to embark on a strategic planning initiative which was sprung on Ritz with no advanced notice by board member and Tony Bennett ally, Daniel Elsener. In the proposed initiative the Board would set a "clear direction" over the next six months so Indiana schools "can move forward faster." Superintendent Ritz asked for a delay so she could review the proposal, but Elsener demanded an immediate vote: "The board wants a strategic plan, and we're going to move forward with it." The plan is for Ritz to participate in strategic planning discussions, but the goal-setting process will be directed by Elsener and the board.

You nay recall that the week before Gov. Pence announced the creation a new state agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation, without consulting or even informing Ritz.

If Tony Bennett was treated with such high-handed disdain by Democrats, it was a well-kept secret.