Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IU Opposes Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage, Joins Freedom Indiana

IU President Michael McRobbie announced today that IU opposes the proposed amendment to Indiana's constitution to ban gay marriage in the state. McRobbie said the amendment would “codify an intolerance that is not representative of the best of Hoosier values.” McRobbie went a step furthr in announcing that IU would join Freedom Indiana: “We are proud to join the Freedom Indiana coalition and, in doing so, stand with some of Indiana’s most respected employers and organizations on the side of fairness.” Read the J&C coverage here.

Dave Bangert notes in his column that a similar declaration would be problematic for Purdue president Mitch Daniels because, as governor, he supported the stature and the amendment, and he has sworn off partisan politics. But he cites former president Martin Jischke's 2002 desicion to provide benefits to same Purdue sex partners. “We recommend this, first, to encourage an atmosphere of diversity and understanding, and second, to attract outstanding faculty to this university,” said Jischke.

Mitch Daniels won't go there, however. Julie Griffith, vice president of public affairs for the West Lafayette research institution, said Purdue would not enter the debate: “Over the years, Purdue has traditionally declined to comment on social issues that have been contended in the public arena. Any departure from this policy should be undertaken only after careful consultation with the university’s many and diverse stakeholders.” Read more here.