Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pelath Lays Out Democrats' Priorities for Upcoming Session

In an interview with Northwest Indiana Times, House Democratic leader Scott Pelath described his vision of the party's priorities in the upcoming legislative session with a focus on strengthening the state's middle class. As the Times reports, Pelath feels this should include a "focus on job creation, making the state more socially tolerant, expanding healthcare coverage and creating a first-rate education system. He said this could all lead to a better climate for businesses to grow or move to the state." Pelath says the party will also lead opposition to the the constitutional ban on same sex marriage. Being in the minority in both houses, can Democrats accomplish anything? Pelath thinks so: "We are not Washington D.C. We can still come together on the things that we do agree on and that's what differentiates us." Read a summary of his interview with the Times here and view the entire 14-minute interview below.