Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poll: Majority of Hoosiers Don't Favor Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Is there momentum for an Indiana constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Indiana? The most recent polling by the bi-partisan Freedom Indiana coalition suggests that there isn't strong voter sentiment for it. 64 percent of survey respondents felt amending the constitution was not the right way to deal with the marriage issue, while 36 percent said it was. 52 percent said they would vote no on the constitutional amendment, and 33 percent said they would vote yes, when asked a question that indicated the amendment also would ban civil unions and domestic partnership benefits offered by employers.

If the Republican-dominated Indiana legislature passes the amendment bill for a second time in the upcoming legislative session, it will go onto the 2014 election ballot as a referendum; should the referendum pass, it would become an amendment to the state constitution. Same-sex marriage is already banned in Indiana by statute. Read more from the J&C here.