Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ritz Sues State Board of Education

So, last week the state's governor-appointed Board of Education took it upon itself to request a calculation of the A to F grades of Indiana schools by the state's Legislative Services Agency because they felt elected Superintendent Glenda Ritz's Department of Education was taking too long. This request was approved yesterday by House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President David Long, and Governor Pence has distributed a letter in support of their action. This despite the fact that Indiana Code requires the board issue grades for schools based on performance measures calculated only by Ritz's Department of Education. The superintendent is the nominal chair of the Board. Read more about yesterday's attempts to circumvent the popularly elected official's authority to regulate education in the state here.

Today, Superintendent Ritz announced that she is suing the Board for violation of the state's secrecy law, alleging that ten Board members violated Indiana’s Open Door Law in yesterday's request Senator Long and Speaker Bosma. "The suit alleges that no public notice was issued for a meeting that allowed for this action and that Superintendent Ritz was not made aware of this action until after it was taken, despite her role as Chair of the State Board of Education," as reported by the Northwest Indiana Times.

Read more about the suit from Indiana News Center here.