Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zoeller Seeks Dismissal of Ritz Suit Against Board of Education

Attorney General Greg Zoeller is seeking dismissal of Glenda Ritz's suit against the members of the State Board of Education, arguing that she had no authority to file the suit. Ritz has indicated that she will use Department of Education attorneys in the case, but Zoeller argues that they cannot serve that function: “As the lawyer for state government and the state’s chief legal officer, the attorney general has sole legal authority to represent state officials and agencies in court or to permit outside counsel to do so. In-house agency lawyers cannot appear in court on behalf of the state,” said Bryan Corbin, Zoeller’s spokesman. (However, it seems perfectly okay with Zoeller and Gov. Pence for the Board itself to usurp Ritz's statutory authority to preside over the Board, and for the Legislative Services Agency to usurp the Department of education's statutory authority to produce the state's A-F grades for schools.) Read more from the Indy Star here.