Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ritz Says Governor Attempting "Takeover" of Education

Glenda Ritz published a letter in the Indianapolis Star defending herself against charges that her dispute with the Board of Education is hurting Hoosier children and to make another point: "I want the public to know that I will work to ensure that our students will not be hurt by what appears to be an attempted takeover of the Department of Education by Gov. Mike Pence." She recounts the Governor's efforts to undermine her authority and to transfer it to unelected boards. Superintendent Ritz concludes
"I must not tolerate a power-grab of the Department of Education’s authority and ability to conduct business for Indiana students. Last November, Hoosier voters said very clearly that they want me to fight for public education in our state and to serve as a check and balance to the governor. It is now clear that Gov. Pence is not seeking a power-grab, but rather a complete takeover of education. That is the real threat to our children."
You can read Ritz's letter here.