Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eiler and Others File Complaint Against Board of Education Marion County Court

After a complaint to the Public Access Counselor failed to bring about action, Ed Eiler and three others have filed a complaint with the Marion Superior/Circuit Court regarding a violation of the state's Open Door Policy when the State Board of Education signed onto a letter to lawmakers by email. Their complaint seeks a declaration of a violation, injunction against future violations and voiding of any action taken. Eiler said
"Having been member of the State Board of Education, I think the current board is acting in fashion inconsistent with my experience in the state board as well as my experience on any other public board in terms of Open Door Laws. I think it is incumbent upon boards to not only honor the law, but the intent of the law, which is that the public has a right to know when (the board members) are in the process of deliberation and making a decision about something. (The public) has a right to know what they’re thinking and discussing."
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