Monday, January 13, 2014

Freedom Indiana Blasts the "Companion Bill"

Freedom Indiana, the bipartisan group opposing the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, issued a statement on the so-called "companion bill" offered by House Republicans to clarify the meaning of the amendment. Freedom Indiana observes that "the amendment is 12 lines. The companion bill is 73 lines. Explaining the amendment shouldn’t take six times as many words as the amendment itself."

They feel the bill is a recognition that "the language they want to permanently insert into our state’s founding document is deeply flawed." But instead of addressing the amendment's problems, "they’re trying to sidestep and obfuscate the process by introducing a bill they think explains away the potential harm to Hoosier families."

The solution Freedom Indiana supports? "Either scrap the current language and start over, or better yet, admit that our Constitution is not the proper place to have this debate."

You can read the entire statement from Freedom Indiana here. The Evansville Courier Press has a good article on the politics of the companion bill here.