Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Klinker Sees Big Issues for Upcoming Legislature

The state's General Assembly kicks off on Monday, January 6, and Rep. Sheila Klinker anticipates discussions (and votes) on several major issues. She told WLFI that the state's $300 million shortfall of tax revenue will be on legislators' minds; because of it "the spending will have to be really watched." Gov. Pence's proposal to eliminate business property tax on equipment and machinery (which generates about $1 billion of revenues for the state) will be high on the agenda. Klinker expects something to pass, perhaps in a "phase-out" approach over several years. The same-sex marriage constitutional amendment will also be a priority; the possibility of elimnating the amendment's second sentence which would eliminate domestic partner benefits that are already in place at state universities and many businesses such as Eli Lilly." Changes would require a delay of two more years before a public referendum could occur. See the complete WLFI story here.