Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rokita Backs Aid for Tornado-Struck Indiana Counties After Opposing Hurricane Sandy Aid

You would expect Rep. Todd Rokita to support Governor Pence's request for emergency support for Indiana counties affected by November's tornadoes. After all, he represents some of the included counties (Boone, Daviess, Fountain, Grant, Howard, and Tippecanoe). And, in fact, he signed a letter to the President supporting the Governor's request, along with other Indiana legislators.

That is all expected and proper, except for the fact that Rokita pointedly did not extend that same compassion to the victims of Hurricane Sandy just a year ago, voting against the aid on the principle that it was wrong to "pass an unpaid-for disaster bill, further victimizing the children of tomorrow," as he explained in a statement. If it comes to a vote in the House, will Rep. Rokita would apply the heartless logic to his own constituents that he applied to East Coast victims of Sandy?