Monday, January 27, 2014

Truitt-Proposed Change to HJR-3 Passes; House Passes Amendment

A bipartisan majority in the Indiana House voted for an amendment proposed by Rep. Randy Truitt to strip the controversial second sentence from HJR-3, the proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in Indiana.  Twenty-three Republicans joined 29 Democrats to pass Truitt's amendment, 52-43.  By changing the amendment, it effectively becomes a new bill and will have to be voted on twice by different sessions of the General Assembly before it can be passed to the voters in a referendum.

This delay does more than kick the can down the road.  Public sentiment is swinging away from measures like HJR-3.  Even in our own state, 30 of the Republican representatives who voted for the amendment in 2011 have said they would vote against it or were wavering now.  By 2016, the earliest the amendment could be on the ballot, even more voters will have changed their minds.  It is also thought that Gov. Pence does not want that referendum on the ballot when he is trying to get himself re-elected!

Today the House passed the modified HJR-3 57-40.  The 57 were all Republicans.  Eleven Republicans--including Randy Truitt--voted no, as did  all 29 Democrats.  Read more about the vote here.

Read about the change to HJR-3 from Indiana Public Media here. You can read Dave Bangert's analysis of the political impact of the change to the amendment here.