Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Amendment to Restore Second Sentence of HJR-3; No Ratification Vote Till 2016

Opponents of the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage experienced a major victory today. The Senate was prepared to consider an amendment to restore the second sentence of HJR-3 that had been removed by the House; the second sentence have abolished any benefits for same sex couples. However, no one proposed a restoration amendment. HJR-3 will pass the Senate on Monday, but because it has been changed from last year, any ratification vote on it won't occur until 2016. Given the rate of change in public opinion on gay marriage, it seems unlikely that voters will have an appetite for such a change to the constitution in two years.

Opponents of the HJR-3 cheered on hearing that no amendment was proposed. Megan Robertson of Freedom Indiana told the crowd, “Give yourselves a big round of applause, because you just beat it!” Read more from WISH reported Jim Shella here.