Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rokita Call Debt Ceiling Increase "Surrender"

Some semblance of rationality has finally prevailed in Congress regarding the debt ceiling debate; House Speaker John Boehner put forward a "clean" increase in the debt ceiling that would prevent us from having this absurd debate for at least a year. Of course, the Speaker had to rely on Democrats to move the bill through, and most Republicans voted against it. Todd Rokita, however, had to grandstand with an op-ed decrying the bill, putting forth the discredited argument that failure to raise the debt ceiling would not result in a default. You can argue that the debt is bad and that the federal government spends too much, but raising the debt ceiling is about paying for expenses the government has already incurred, as the President always reminds us. "A clean debt-ceiling increase is a surrender to short-term political considerations," says Rep. Rokita. You can read Rokita's op-ed here.