Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pelath Sees Lost Opportunities in Legislative Session

Democratic House leader Scott Pelath analyzes the recently ended General Assembly as one of wsted opportunities in an editorial in the Northwest Indiana Times. Republican leadership, says Pelath, used its supermajoriy to push their usual agenda:
"Our leaders are selling soap we've bought before. Cutting corporate taxes ... again. Cutting bank taxes ... again. And the free toaster in the deal? Forcing Indiana counties to race each other to slash the business personal property tax.

On the other hand, consumers, workers and individual taxpayers — who already bear most of Indiana’s tax burden — are not guaranteed much in return for hundreds of millions in lost revenue. In a state that already has a top 10 business tax climate, there is no evidence these changes will prompt anyone to add a single job or raise a single worker’s wage."

Pelath particularly regrets the drawn-out same-sex marriage debate: "[We] all wish we could forget the one issue that sucked the air out of this session from its start: the continued insistence on putting the people of this state through an ugly, divisive debate on who can marry whom in Indiana."

You can read Pelath's commentary here.