Thursday, June 5, 2014

Analyst: Pence's Presidential Resume Is Thin

Indiana political analyst Lesley Weidenbener thinks Gov. Mike Pence's presidential resume is pretty thin. His accomplishments, says Weidenbener, are "either not making tremendous impact on Hoosiers or can’t wholly be attributed to his administration." For example, she considers Pence's claims to be a taxcutter from the national perspective and then from the Indiana perspective:

National perspective: Pence cut the inheritance tax, business property taxes, the corporate income tax and individual income taxes, while keeping the state’s budget in the black.

Indiana perspective: Pence’s tax cut proposals were largely scaled back or rejected outright by a Republican-dominated state legislature. Lawmakers were already cutting the inheritance tax. The Senate insisted on the corporate income tax cut, which Pence had not requested. The individual income tax cut, which is half of what Pence requested, has yet to take effect and will eventually slice the tax burden for the average household by only about $75. And no part of the business tax cut will occur unless local officials approve it. Plus, most of the financial hit for the state budget will come in future years.

Read Weidenbener's whole analysis here.