Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hoggset Appears to Set to Run for Indy Mayor

Having resigned his position as US attorney, Joe Hoggset appears ready to make a run at the mayoral race in Indianapolis. When asked if Hoggset will run, his political ally, Evan Bayh, responded, "I hope so. . . . I think he would be a great mayor, particularly given his record on fighting crime." Bayh also indicated that he would support Hoggset's campaign with some of his leftover senate campaign money. Hoggset is a former Indiana Secretary of State and Democratic Party chair. Indianapolis Star political analyst Matthew Tully says Hoggset's entry would "change everything" in the race because of his popularity with the party's base and his strong stance on crime, a problem that has plagued Indianapolis under Republican mayor Greg Ballard.

You can read Matthew Tully's analysis of Hogsett's entry into the race here.