Friday, September 26, 2014

Why You Need to Vote: Taking Domestic Violence Seriously

Governor Pence took funds budgeted for domestic violence programs by the legislature and put them back into the state's general fund to "save money." Only when the Ray Rice video began to draw attention to the issue did Pence's presidential ambitions inspire him to gradually replace the domestic violence funds. Even though Pence's withdrawing the budgeted domestic violence funds was counter to the will of the legislature, the Republican supermajority wasn't about to fight him on it. Now that the Governor is beginning to dole out some of the earmarked funds, his team is promoting the idea that domestic violence will by 35 percent higher than last year: “At Gov. (Mike) Pence’s direction, applications for these funds will be expedited so they can be made available to shelters as soon as possible,” said Mary Allen, executive director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The Governor taketh away, the Governor giveth back if there is political advantage to be had. We need to weaken the Republican supermajority so that, even if still in the minority, Democrats can resist Pence's cynical actions and provide consistent protection of Indiana's women against abusers.

Read more about Pence's defunding/funding of domestic violence programs here.