Monday, October 20, 2014

Indy Star: Pence Makes Bad Call on Preschool Grant

The editors of the Indianapolis Star are of the opinion that Governor Pence's passing on a potential federal grant of $80 million for Indiana preschools is a bad call. His explanation, they say, is fear of "federal intrusion" into the state's new preschool program and that "Indiana isn't ready for the federal funding because the state's pilot program doesn't launch until January. It's too much money too soon, and with strings attached." The Governor's argument doesn't hold water, says the Star:
But that argument is perplexing given that Indiana had previously applied for the grant; the federal government rejected the state's bid a year ago. And state officials, including several inside the Pence administration, had spent months working on a new application. By all indications, Indiana had an excellent chance this time around of receiving the federal money.
The editors conclude, "[Pence's] sudden step back is a hard blow for the state. And worse, for its children and their families."

When Republican politicians make sudden, unexplained and "perplexing" turns, they are usually catering to their party's far right wing.

Read the Star's editorial here.