Tuesday, October 21, 2014

John Dale Is Here

From John Dale's Facebook page:

I believe our representatives should be responsible, responsive, and representative. None of these adjectives describe our current representative. I live in this district, I raised my family here, I farm here, and I teach here. I am incredibly invested in the well-being of our district and I want nothing more than to improve our district and the lives of those who share my home.

On Monday, Gallup reported that Congress's approval rating is just 16 percent. If that level of support holds through November, it would be the lowest heading into any midterm election on record.

If you're frustrated with Congress, as so many people are, let's not continue to elect the same representatives and expect a different result. We need to hold our congressman accountable. It's time for a change and to get government working for the people again.

Visit John's Facebook page here.