Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rokita Continues to Demagogue Ebola

Back in August Todd Rokita started demagoguing Ebola when he claimed unaccompanied children seeking to enter the United States from Central America might be carrying Ebola; John Dale slapped him down at that time: "His comments were to inflame the public and divide the nation. The purpose of this is to rile people up and get them in a panic."

But you can't keep a good demgogue down. Now Rokita is calling for a complete travel ban to and from West Africa: "I support a ban on flights from infected countries, visa suspensions, as well as stronger screenings at our ports of entry, including airports and border crossings." No epidemiologist shares his view that locking countries down will resolve the problem (although the Governor does).

Incredibly, in the midst of his own demagoguery, Rokita accuses Democrats of the same: "We're in this situation because liberal Democrats are so beholden to political correctness that we can no longer have honest conversations with each other about what needs to be done or what honest ideas are anymore. In the face of this serious crisis, they will still go to political correctness and demagogue this issue."

Really? "Honest ideas" like travel bans will resolve the Ebola problem. And what liberal Democrat-induced "situation" does Rokita reference? The current one where exactly one person has died of Ebola in the US (and he came here with it) and dozens of people who have been held in isolation during the 21-day incubation are being released as Ebola-free?

Rokita needs to be replaced by honest, straight talking John Dale!