Monday, October 13, 2014

What Could Beat Sheila

Dave Bangert's frontpage column in the J&C speculates on whether Sheila Klinker could lose her race to return as the representative of Indiana House District 27. Bangert does not present any compelling case from her opponent as to why Sheila should be replaced or why he should be the one to do it. It seems likely that the most serious threat to Sheila would be indifference and low turnout, and we can't let that possibility be realized.

We all understand that Sheila is an energetic public servant, a powerful spokesperson for our community, and a skilled, experienced legislator who can work across the aisle. And we know that there is no greater advocate for Indiana children and public schools, and both desperately need a strong advocate in the current environment. Let's be sure to remind Sheila's constituents of all that she brings to the table, and get them to the polls to vote for Sheila and the other great Democratic candidates!