Monday, December 8, 2014

Attorney General Authorizes Governor to Hire Council to Sue the President

Governor Mike Pence seems to think that he can enhance his presidential cred by spending the state's tax dollars on another frivolous lawsuit, this one against the President of the United States for taking executive action on immigration. To have "standing" for such a suit he has to show that Indiana has been damaged by the President's action. Apparently, in Pence's view, Indiana was irreparably damaged by the the President's "circumventing" Congress in this action, thereby preventing Indiana from having a say in the matter through the votes of its representatives. Oddly, Attorney General Zoeller, who would typically execute the state's suits, is authorizing the Governor to hire outside council.

Local political blogger Doug Masson writes a post that questions the logic for "Gov. Pence to unilaterally bring suit against the President on behalf of Indiana while maintaining his ability to criticize the President for unilateral action on behalf of the United States." in a further irony, a commenter on the blog notes that Pence "criticized the President for circumventing the will of the people (Congress) on the same day that his hand-picked State Board of Education is trying to take out the elected Superintendent and, you know, circumvent the will of the voters."