Monday, January 26, 2015

Klinker: Teachers Not Paid Enough

Rep. Sheila Klinker offered a great guest column in the J&C last week noting that Indiana teachers simply aren't paid enough.
"An individual becomes a teacher because of love for teaching and students. However, it is not by the chalkboard alone that one can survive economically these days. Families still need to be fed, clothed and housed. Currently, jobs requiring no advanced education are paying more than the teaching profession, an occupation that shapes the minds of our children and society’s future. There is something wrong with that prioritization."
Many state teachers work second jobs to make ends meet. Effective teachers in poorer school districts don't get raises like their colleagues in more affluent areas. Not only are teachers leaving the profession, they are not entering it to begin with.

To address some of these inequities she has introduced HB 1444 which provides for raises for a teacher's years of service as well as masters degrees or other professional development. You can read Sheila's editorial here.