Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pence's State-Run News Service: "Pravda on the Plains"

Yesterday Gov. Mike Pence's office announced that it was launching its own news service called "Just IN," and he has taken a beating in the media, from political foes, and even from political friends. The prospect of a government-run, taxpayer-funded propaganda outlet generated ridicule about "Pravda on the Plains" and "Izvestia in Indiana" on Twitter. Even House Speaker joked about its Soviet quality, as reported in Daily Beast: “I understand the governor has indicated he’s going to be issuing some clarifying remarks, so I’m withholding final judgment until that occurs. In the meantime, just in case, I have had my staff contact Rosetta Stone and I do have a new Russian version that will be coming out shortly.” Bosma ended his phone interview with "“Dasvidaniya!"

Gov. Pence spent much of the day he's intended to be touting his now federally-approved medical insurance plan backtracking from yesterday's announcement of Just IN; see the J&C here. The governor's transparent presidential ambitions have certainly not done much good for Hoosiers, but at least the damage of this blunder is limited to his credibility as presidential timber.