Sunday, February 22, 2015

Editorial: Pence's Claims of Ignorance on Policy Outcomes Don't Cut It

Yesterday the Kokomo Perspective published a tough assessment of Gov. Pence's leadership. The gist of the editors' argument is that Pence makes policy decisions and when the unpleasant effects of those decisions start to be felt, he claims ignorance. Whether the ignorance is genuine or politically expedient deception is perhaps debatable. Case in point, the longer ISTEP tests:
The latest headline grabber was the enormous length of this year’s ISTEP standardized test. School children were facing 12 hours of examination. The reason for this increase is rooted in Pence’s decision last spring to move Indiana out of the federal Common Core standards in order to develop his own plan.

The results of Indiana’s new standards are yet to be realized, but there is one thing that is remarkably clear. Pence is blissfully unaware of the impact his decisions have on Hoosiers. When the length of the test was revealed, Pence claimed ignorance, stating he learned about it from Indianapolis media. Then, he scrambled to pass the buck to State Superintendent of Education Glenda Ritz.

What about this says “leadership?” Pence doesn’t know what’s going on with ISTEP despite his intense meddling in public education? Are we supposed to believe that?
Based on this and several other examples of alleged ignorance, the editorial concludes as follows: "The people of Indiana shouldn’t accept Pence’s claims of ignorance. They are dishonest at worst, and indicative of inept leadership at best. We deserve better."

You can read the whole editorial here.