Monday, February 9, 2015

House Passes Bill to Oust Ritz from Board of Education Chair

Today the Indiana House of Representatives ignored the collective will of 1.3 million Hoosier voters (more than voted for Mike Pence), ignored thousands of tweets with the hashtag #IStandWithRitz, and voted for a bill that would effectively remove Glenda Ritz from the superintendent's century-old role as chair of the Indiana Board of Education. The bill will allow the Governor's Board of Education appointees to elect their own chair with the elected Superintendent reduced to just another voter. This change will be effective not after the next election but as early as July 1. Twelve Republican representatives felt bad enough about the bullying tactics of the supermajority that they voted against the bill. The bill will now cross over to the Senate for a vote; if successful there (as there is no doubt it will be), it will become law.

Said House Minority Leader Scott Pelath, "This is an example of what happens when somebody runs afoul of the politburo. Superintendent Ritz was independently elected; she got more votes than Governor Pence. The people who put her in office expected that she would slow down the runaway train of education experiments that came straight out of Washington, D.C."

You can read more from the Indy Star here.