Thursday, March 5, 2015

Party Leaders Want a Pence Challenger--Soon!

State Democratic leaders would like to have a Democrat step up as a candidate for governor, in part to serve as a spokesperson for the party who can make Gov. Pence pay some political price for his actions during this legislative session.

“I want someone to step up and take the thing,” said House Minority Leader Scott Pelath. “We are dedicated to driving message for the middle class here in our legislative caucus. In order to most effectively do that, we need a clear statewide leader. And I want somebody to look at that goal and tackle it.”

Indiana Democratic Chairman John Zody agrees: “Time is tight. Everyone who has expressed an interest in running knows that.”

Names being suggested include 2012 gubernatorial nominee John Gregg, former congressman Baron Hill, Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott, and State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, but none has indicated an intention to run. Pelath says he will not be a candidate.

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