Monday, March 23, 2015

Religious Freedom/Right to Discriminate Bill Passes House

The House passed the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act today on a party-line vote. The bill was a solution in search of a problem, as pointed out by Minority Leader Scott Pelath:
“This is a made up issue. It’s an issue made up for the purpose of being able to go in front of a few Indiana citizens and thump your chest that you stood up for certain social causes. It basically says to a group of people that you’re second rate, you don’t matter, and if you walk into my store, I don’t have to serve you. That is old-fashioned thinking at best. It is dangerous reactionary thinking at worst.”
State Democratic chairman John Zody said the bill legalized discrimination:
“The so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act sets us on a dangerous, regressive course, and the ensuing court battles will take away valuable time, money, and effort that should be invested in moving us forward. This is a sad day for Indiana – and sadder still is Gov. Pence’s commitment to sign it into law when it reaches his desk. In fact, it’s disgraceful.”
Read more about the RFRA here.