Sunday, April 12, 2015

Committee Passes Bill to Deny Superintendent the Chair of State Board of Education

With the RFRA fiasco behind them, the Republican supermajority is ready to get back undermining Superintendent Glenda Ritz wherever and whenever possible. Now the House Education Committee has passed a bill that would deny the Superintendent the automatic role of chair of the State Board of Education, thus further diluting the power of her office. The Chicago Tribune notes that this agenda dates back to to former Superintendent Tony Bennett's defeat by Ritz:
Many programs at the epicenter of these arguments were championed by former Superintendent Tony Bennett, who Ritz unseated after receiving more supporting votes than Gov. Pence. "The voters had made it clear that they did not agree with Superintendent Bennett," said Vic Smith, of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education. "According to this bill, the voters are wrong."
Read more from the tribune here.