Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pelath Says He Won't Run for Governor

Despite intriguing speculation by Indiana political guru Brian Howey ("a ticket of some combination of Ritz and Pelath could be hard to resist"), House Minority Leader Scott Pelath says he will not participate in a contested primary for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination because a "free-for-all primary" would damage the party's chances to defeat incumbent governor Mike Pence. He says he will stay focused on legislative progress: “We have very pressing problems in Indiana. We need a new direction. We have an image we have to repair. That’s going to take a team and there’s plenty of work to go around.” Read more about Pelath's decision not to run here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Website Says Ritz Will Announce Governor Run

The Indianapolis-based website Indy Politics says that they have learned that Superintendent Glenda Ritz will seek the Democratic nomination for governor, and that her announcement will come in the first week of June. Should she not win the nomination, she can run for re-election the the State Superintendent of Public Instruction office she currently holds. Read more from Indy Politics here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baron Hill Will Run for US Senate

Five-time Democratic congressman Baron Hill from Indiana's hotly contested 9th District told a Columbus Jefferson/Jackson dinner audience that he plans to run for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Dan Coats. He will make a formal announcement in June. In Hill's 1990 Senate campaign against Coats he famously walked the length of Indiana to build his statewide name recognition, and he says he might consider doing it again. But he expects his main focus to be economic: "Wages have fallen way behind, so I want to focus like a laser beam on what we can do to get those up." Read more from ABC News here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

John Gregg Will Run for Governor Again, and So May Glenda Ritz

Here's a brief Fox News interview with John about running.

It is possible that others may enter the race on the democratic side, including Superintendent Glenda Ritz. "After this [legislative] session, there's absolutely nothing off the table," Ritz says. She will make a decision in June. Read more about a possible Ritz run here or hear her statement on the subject here.

Lafayette City Council Incumbents Advance in Primary

The only contested race in yesterday's primary was for the at-large seats in the Lafayette city council. Two Democrats, Dewayne Moffitt and Matt Swisher, did not generate enough votes to unseat any of the incumbents, Lon Heide, Kevin Klinker, and Nancy Nargi. The incumbents will, however face a Republican challenger in the fall election. Mayor Roswarski and 6th District councilman Bob Downing will also face Republican opponents in the fall. First District Republican incumbent will be opposed by Democrat Linda Shriner. Lafayette Democratic council candidates Ron Campbell, Perry Brown, Lauren Ahlersmeyer and Melissa Weast-Williams will run unopposed, as will City Clerk Cindy Murray. West Lafayette cancelled its primary because there were no contested races. Read more about the primary in the J&C here.