Thursday, June 4, 2015

Game On! Glenda Ritz Announces Governor Bid

Today State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz announced that she would seek the Democratic nomination to run against her arch nemesis, Mike Pence, as governor. She joins John Gregg and Senator Karen Tallian as announced Democratic candidates for governor. Read about her announcement here. Some have voiced concern over whether a competitive Democratic primary will hurt the party's chances in the fall; IPFW political scientist Andy Downs says there will inevitably be a split: "The question is will it be a nasty split?" (read more here).

On the other hand, Indy Star political analyst Matt Tully says that Ritz brings something neither Pence nor Gregg has--passionate followers who think her leadership is crucial: "Over and over, for at least a year now, I've heard supporters of the state's superintendent of public instruction say that they not only wanted her to run for governor, but that the state needed her to run for governor." Tully notes that Ritz is an able fighter and observes that "If this turns into a political street fight, Ritz and her team will win. They play that game a lot better. Just ask [Tony] Bennett." Read more of Tully's analysis here.