Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Howey: Ritz Wasn't Prepared to Break the Glass Ceiling

Brian Howey offers a blunt analysis of Glenda Ritz's short-lived run for governor. She failed to break through the glass ceiling that stymied Vi Simpson and Jill Long Thompson because, Howey argues, she wasn't prepared: "Ritz didn’t learn the central lesson of Gregg’s 2012 near miss and hire a finance director out of the gate. The notion was that Ritz could reactivate the teacher network that fueled her upset of Supt. Tony Bennett without the political mother’s milk." In addition to fund raising, there were other basic areas that weren't addressed properly: "There were finance reporting violations. There were static campaign websites and Facebook pages. There was no campaign staff, phone number or spokes(wo)man." Unlike her predecessors, Ritz has a strong base of support and issues that played in her favor. She had "an epic opportunity," but, says Howey, "instead of the candidate seizing the moment, a moment seized an unprepared candidate." Ouch. Read Howey's complete analysis here.