Monday, September 14, 2015

Klinker Calls for an Indiana Hate Crimes Bill

Sheila Klinker says it's high time Indiana had a hate crime bill. Since, as she puts it, "Indiana has sort of been at the forefront of maybe not taking care of discrimination issues as we should have,” she thinks a hate crime bill "would clear a lot of that mystery that still is there about treating all people decently.” Indiana is one of only five states that don't have a hate crimes bill.

In the last session a comparable bill never got a hearing. Sheila thinks the fallout from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act may have changed the environment: “With the ramifications of last year’s session, and some of the things that were happening statewide, I think probably there will be some Republicans that will be willing to look at this bill this year.” Shiela says she'd be pleased to co-sponsor a hate crimes bill. Read more here.