Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pence Agrees with Ritz on Suspending Test-Based Teacher Evaluations

Mike Pence, a hard-right ideologue, seems to be seeking re-election by convincing voters he's not a hard-right ideologue. Remember his sudden interest in investing some of the rainy day fund into road infrastructure after the Wildcat Creek bridge fiasco snarled traffic for weeks? Now he's making "reasonable guy" noises by agreeing (for once) with Superintendent Glenda Ritz that teachers should not be judged on this year's flawed ISTEP scores, a position she has been arguing for months. But this is a one-and-done for Pence; he'll be right back at punishing teachers and warring with Ritz before you know it.

Last year, with re-election still distant, Pence wrote in an open letter to education Secretary Arne Duncan, “Indiana will not go backwards when it comes to measuring performance in our schools on my watch. We do not support a pause in accountability as it relates to delivering A to F grades to schools, determining intervention strategies in under-performing schools, or teacher evaluations that reflect classroom performance.” That's the real ideologue.

Read more about Pence's change of heart on teacher evaluations here.