Sunday, November 22, 2015

Washington Post Columnist Calls Pence's Refugee Position "Cowardice"

As with RFRA, Mike Pence's decision to to block Syrian refugees from coming to Indiana is having an unfortunate effect on Indiana's reputation as a welcoming environment. In a Washington Post editorial columnist RIchard Cohen argues that his position is one of cowardice. He notes that Pence's action has alredy resulted in one Syrian family being scheduled to settle in Indiana being sent to Connecticut.
The Syrian families who have lost their homes, their relatives, often their children and always their jobs, will now lose a bit more of their lives, not to mention their naive belief that the United States is a welcoming country. Mike Pence is here to say we are not. He gets the first — but certainly not last — Profile in Cowardice Award. Believe me, he has earned it.
You can read Cohen's column here.