Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gregg Taps Christina Hale for Lt. Gov.

John Gregg has announced that his running mate will be Rep. Christina Hale of Indianapolis. Gregg notes that Hale "is known as one who reaches across the aisle and works across the aisle to get things done." In a news release House Minority Leader was enthused about Hale:
"She brings a wealth of experience and conviction to an office that should be rightfully focused on restoring our state's reputation and on bringing high-paying jobs to the working families of Indiana. Christina has made a career of speaking for those that struggle to speak for themselves and representing the under-represented voices of communities that have been left behind."
The Indianapolis Star suggests that she will help Gregg take advantage of "Pence's lack of support among youngr female voters." The paper cites a recent poll showing "59 percent of women under 45 want a new governor and only 30 percent approve of Pence's job performance."

Read more about Christina Hale's selection here.