Monday, July 11, 2016

Baron Hill Ends Senate Bid to Make Room for Evan Bayh(?)

Democratic nominee for the US Senate Baron Hill announced today that he would withdraw from the race in anticipation of Evan Bayh's joining it. Former two-term governor and senator, Bayh withdrew from the 2010 senate race and was replaced by Republican Dan Coats. Coats is retiring and former 9th District congressman Baron Hill earned the Democratic nomination but was struggling to raise money.

Bayh has enjoyed an approval rating of about 60 percent among Hoosiers throughout his career and, importantly, he has nearly $10 million in campaign funds left from his aborted 2010 campaign. If he enters the race he will automatically become one of the best funded senate candidates in the country. His presence in the race also heightens the Democrats' chances of regaining the majority in the Senate. It is also thought to bode well for gubernatorial candidate John Gregg and even for the possibility of a blue Indiana in the presidential.

As of this writing there has been no official confirmation of Bayh's candidacy, but it certainly raises the hopes of Democrats statewide. Stay tuned!

Here's the Indianaplois Star story on Bayh's plans. And here is Politico's coverage.