Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pundits See Holcomb Appointment Benefitting John Gregg

In two recent columns leading Indiana political pundits expressed the view that John Gregg's candidacy for governor was boosted by Mike Pence's ascension to ice presidential nominee and Eric Holcomb's selection to replace him on the ticket.

In a column published in the J&C on Fiday, July 29, Brian Howey wrote, "given the sensational twists and turns, this race has gone from a tossup to leans Gregg." You can read Howey's column here.

John Krull's column published in the J&C on SUnday, July 31 argues that Holcomb "was the one candidate before the Republican State Committee who didn’t offer the GOP a chance for a fresh start" and that Gregg "has to feel right now that Christmas this year in fact did come in July." Krull's entire column is available here.