Saturday, December 17, 2016

Buttigieg for DNC Chair?

Politico reported that South Bend's Democratic mayor Pete Buttigieg may be considering entering the race for chair of the Democratic National Committee. The 34-year-old rising star of the party, Buttigieg won re-election to his mayoral office with more than 80 percent of the vote. His competition for the office would likely be Tom Perez, current Secretary of Labor, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison and others. Buttigieg was the subject of a flattering story by Frank Bruni, columnist for the New York Times.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump Attacks Indiana Union Leader

Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers 1999 in Indianapolis, did some checking on President-elect Donald Trump's claim to have saved 1100 Carrier workers' jobs from being moved to Mexico. What he found out from Carrier adminstrators, was that the actual number was about 800, and that Trump's count included research and development jobs that we never going to move. In an interview with CNN (below), Jones said he is grateful for Trump's intervention to save 800 jobs, but he was concerned that many workers at Carrier thought their jobs had been preserved when they weren't.

For trying to be honest with Carrier workers, Jones was rewarded by being personally attacked by the President-elect of the United States in a Tweet, which said: "Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!"

After campaigning for two years on the idea that manufacturing jobs were leaving the country because of taxes and regulations, Trump's legendary thin-skin (Remember Hillary's warning about a president who "can be provoked by a Tweet"?) prompted him to declare that job flight was actually the fault of workers in a second tweet: "If United Steelworkers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in Indiana. Spend more time working-less time talking. Reduce dues."

How long will workers tolerate being lied to and insulted by the President who promised to be their voice?

Read more about the attack on Chuck Jones here.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Campus Reacts to White Supremacy Posters at Purdue

On Wednesday posters promoting white supremacy were plastered across the Purdue campus. They were promptly taken down and President Mitch Daniels released the following statement to WLFI:
“Reading the dozen or so words on the posters in question, it’s not at all clear what they mean. But if one looks behind them, as I did, to the organization’s website, there are views expressed there that are obviously inconsistent with the values and principles we believe in here at Purdue. This is a transparent effort to bait people into overreacting, thereby giving a minuscule fringe group attention it does not deserve, and that we decline to do.”
Many on campus felt the President's response was inadequate, and Wednesday evening the Purdue Social Justice Coalition organized an emergency meeting to discuss possible action and to encourage a stronger university response; here is Exponent coverage of the meeting.

On Thursday a plainly irritated Presdient Daniels released another statement to the Purdue community:
"My condemnation of the apparent motives behind the posters at issue wasn't sufficiently strident for some, and that's fair enough. Each person can choose the language he or she thinks best meets an occasion like this. But Purdue University's opposition to racism in all its forms couldn’t be more clear, both from yesterday's statement and a host of others that preceded it. No action by a self-promoting fringe group can do anything to change that; in fact, it only furnishes another opportunity to underscore our committment to equal access and opportunity, inclusion, and respect for all people."
The Social Justice League will hold another rally on this issue will be held on the steps of Hovde Hall on Monday, December 5 at noon.