Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pence's Credibility Problems Grow

Analysis by the Washington Post suggests Vice President Mike Pence has begun to suffer a decline in his credibility as he becomes increasingly enmeshed in President Trump's web of scandal and ever-changing explanations of events. The Post explains Pence's problems with Michael Flynn's status as a foreign agent for Turkey (even as Pence was recommending him to Trump as National Security Adviser), the explanation for James Comey's firing (Pence was selling the mishandling of Hillary Clinton's case as the cause), and his denial that Michael Flynn had spoken with Russian ambassador Kislyak about lifting Obama sanctions on Russia. (Flynn had talked Kislyak about that.) These doubts come at a moment when many are considering the possibility of Pence as president if the Trump administration implodes. You can read the Washington Post analysis here.